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EPOXY resin flooring material
Epoxy seamless flooring material
 EPOXY Resin Flooring Coating
EPOXY resins flooring coating is especially suitable for the clean environment such as the floors and walls of GMP factories, office buildings, food factories, electronics components manufacture and hospitals. They also can be applied in general factories and warehouse where need such a heavy duty coating.
Suitable for economic type seamless,anti-corrosion and dust-proof flooring coating.
Suitable for seamless chemical resistance and dust-proof flooring coating.
Suitable for high loading and dust-proof flooring coating..
Suitable for painting wall, ceiling, cleaned room So as to have the effect of bacteria-proof, Dust-proof anti-corrosion, and water-proof.
Suitable for seamless and non-slip flooring coating.
Suitable for seamless chemical resistance and non-slip flooring coating.
Suitable for high loading and abrasion resistance flooring coating.
Suitable for the coating of chemical resistance and water proof storage tank.
Suitable for the flooring coating of swimming pool and water storage tank.
 SAPOROAD-EPOXY Seamless Floor coating
This product (SAPOROAD) is featured with durability, wear resistance, anti-slip and economy that can be applied to high foot and light forklift traffic areas where abrasion resistance is required.
SAPOROAD is a type of seamless floor coating material that contained with the colorful silica sands, it is features with the durability, easy to maintenance, abrasion, acid, alkaline and chemical resistance. Since this product is contained with the colorful silica sands, customers can choose from green, brown, white and grey etc. This colorful silica sands is meets the United States Department of Agriculture’s regulation. Since this product is featured with seamless flooring material, it is very easy to maintenance the surface.
Light Industry
Factory and laboratory
Supermarket, food factory, kitchen and department store
Recreational place
Gym, swimming pool and SPA room
Laundry room, bathroom, bedroom and living room
Hospital, school, office, church, bank, hotel, cafeteria, museum etc
Aging test for EPO-002
 Compression strength  1270 gkf/c㎡
 Flexural strength  1320 gkf/c㎡
 Tensile strength  400 gkf/c㎡
 Chemical resistance (at room temperature for 168 hours)  
 50% Sulfuric acid  No peeling
 35% Hydrocyanic acid  No peeling
 30% Nitric acid  No peeling
 Saturated sodium bicarbonate  No peeling
 40% Sodium hydroxide  No peeling
 10% Acetic acid  No peeling
 Premium gasoline  No peeling
 Fuel oil  No peeling
 Soybean sauce  No peeling
 1% Sodium Lauryl sulfate  No peeling
 95% Alcohol  No peeling