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This product (CTU-3000) is a two-component, 100% solid high performance polyurea elastomer reacted aromatic MDI with amine-terminated polyether polyol. It cures in 10-100 seconds and has the high elongation, adhesion, and excellent abrasion as well as thermal expansion & contraction resistance. It also demonstrates acid, alkali and chemical resistance properties.

01. Waterproofing for buildings, external wall of basements and roofing.
02. Waterproofing for water tanks and swimming pools.
03. Waterproofing for courtyards.
04. PU foam displays both waterproofing and protection functions.
05. Waterproofing and corrosion resistance for bridges.
06. Waterproofing and abrasion resistance for dams.
07. Abrasion resistance for parking lots and factory flooring.
08. Abrasion resistance for stadium stands and aisles.
09. Corrosion protection for steel structures, steel tanks and steel pipes.
10. Abrasion, slip, and impact resistance for truck buckets.
11. Corrosion resistance and protection for chemical tanks.
12. Corrosion protection for offshore structures.
01. Excellent physical properties:Excellent abrasion resistance, flexibility and elasticity.
02. Excellent endurance:Heat resistance, waterproof properties, chemical and impact resistance.
03. Corrosion resistance:Protect steels and concrete surfaces from corrosion.
04. Easy application:No building restriction, wide range of working temperature.
05. Environmentally friendly:100% solid, solvent-free spray coating material.

Specification lsocyanate
Component A
Amine Polyol
Component B
Storage temperature(℃) 16 ~ 32 16 ~ 32
Shelf life (months) 6 12
Packaging(Kg/T) 220 200

Specification lsocyanate
Component A
Amine Polyol
Component B
Viscosity(25℃),CPS 300 ~ 400 600 ~ 800
Specific gravity(25℃) 1.12 ~ 1.15 1.00 ~ 1.02
Mix ratio (by volume) 100/A 100/B
Mix ratio (by weight) 110/A 100/B
Gel time(25℃) 10 seconds
Tack free time(25℃) 12 seconds
Full cure(25℃) 24 hrs
Application temperature(℃) 65 ~ 70
Application pressure(kgf/c㎡) 140 ~ 176(2000 ~ 2500psi)

Hardness ASTM D 2240 ≧40
Elongation ASTM D 638 ≧300
Tear strength ASTM D 1004 ≧75
Tensile strength ASTM D 638 ≧150
Taber abrasion (CS-17, 1000 cycles at 1000g loading) ASTM D4060 ≦0.05
Water absorption ASTM D570 ≦1.5


Xylene Excellent Hydrochloric acid-10% Excellent
Sodium hydroxide-25% Excellent Acetic acid-5% Excellent
Sodium hydroxide-50% Good Ammonia-10% Excellent
Hexane Excellent Motor oil Excellent
Sulfuric acid-5% Excellent Unleaded gasoline Good
Sulfuric acid-10% Excellent Salt water Excellent
Nitric acid-50% Poor Methanol alcohol Excellent
Diesel oil Good    

1、The surface should be clean and dry before application.
2、The coverage of 1.3kg polyurea is 1㎡( based on 1mm thickness.)