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After the crisis of SARS, the sanitation concepts and anti-SARS products are the essentially mechanism management of sanitation. SARS lives with us; our human beings need to develop the new concepts and management of sanitation, which would minimize the hazardous.

ChingTai is a supplier of building coating material. We are taken the anti-SARS as our responsibility; this action would be undertaken by research and development department, the “silver nanometer” anti-bacterial material on the sterilization, made of non-toxic non-hazardous “nanometer anti-bacterial material of flooring”, the post-SARS era of human security provides the best “environmental management” materials of building.

Suitable application for wards in hospital, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, kitchen, nursery areas etc. The nanometer silver inhibits multiplication and growth of those bacteria and germ.

Features: Seamless, chemical resistance, easy to clean, watertight and airtight.
Uses: Operation room, sterile rooms, examination rooms in hospital; food, medical factories and laboratories.
Application: The standard thickness of anti-bacteria floor is 1.5mm.
Features: Flexible, shock-absorbing, seamless and comfortable.
Uses: Kindergarten, senior citizens.
Application: The thickness of substrates is 2mm; anti-bacterial floor is 1mm thickness.
Features: Abrasion resistance, dust proofing properties and easy to application.
Uses: Food and medical factories, anti-bacterial wall of warehouse.
Application: Applied by brush or spray up to 2-3 coats
Escherichia colic
Staphyococcus aureate
Dropping General Floor
9.1 × 10 4
1.6 × 10 5
1.2 × 10 3
nmSRE <10 <10 <10
nmSRU <10 <10 <10
nmSRC <10 <10 <10
Adhered method General Floor
8.8 × 10 6
3.7 × 10 5
1.3 × 10 8
nmSRE <10 <10 <10
nmSRU <10 <10 <10
nmSRC <10 <10 <10