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One component PU waterproofing material
MDI-based PU waterproofing material
 Introduction of PU waterproofing material
01. Strong physical properties: strong adhesion, resilience & elasticity.
02. Excellent endurance: excellent resistance to weather, water and chemical.
03. Anti-corrosion: protection concrete and steel from corrosion.
04. Easy application: a wide range of application, no restriction against construction, and weather.
01. Waterproofing for flat or sloppy roofs: factories, mansions, barracks, etc.
02. Impermeable use on wall of building: external or internal walls, basements.
03. Waterproofing for sandwich: bathroom, roof garden.
04. Waterproofing for Pipe: underground concrete piping.
01. Primer:
MP-666、BP-333 Adhesion use for substrate
Waterproofing :
WP-102 Series:
for flat surface (Colors: Black, Green, Tar)

External Wall Waterproofing Series:
for external vertical surface (Colors: Black, Gray)

for external wall of basement (Color: Tar)
03. Top coat :
Waterproofing Top Coat:
TC-991 Series (Colors: Green, Island green, Red-brown, Gray)

Waterproofing and Heatproofing Top Coat:
PU heat-resistance material (Color: White)
Application of PU waterproofing material
Surface Preparation
Surface must be dry and free from grease, oil and other forms of contaminates.
1.After priming, the height of parapet should be kept in 10 centimeters, and ensure all slop drains are kept properly for better drainage.
2.All cracks should be primed before using waterproofing, sealant material or non-woven textile to patch and level.
Applied the BP-333 evenly by brush or roller.
1.Mix PU waterproofing material Part A with Part B proportionally.
2.Stir thoroughly by serrate trowel.
Finish coating
1.The surface should be dry at least for 24 hours before recoating.
2.Mix TC-991 series coating with anti-slip powder. Stir thoroughly and apply by roller or spray gun.
1.PU heat proofing should be applied to the surface.
2.Insulation brick, other thermal insulation and PU heat proofing materials can be applied to the surface.
 Introduction of MDI-based Polyurethane indoor flooring material

01. Strong physical properties: strong adhesion, elasticity & flexibility.
02. Protection of substrate: preventing concrete from cracking, chalking.
03. Easy application: no building restriction, wide working temperature range.
04. Environmentally friendly: MDI-based, solvent-free product.

01. Water proof construction: factories, mansions, barracks, etc.
02. Imprevious project: external or internal walls, basements.
03. Sandwich: Bathroom, hanging garden.
04. Piping: Underground concrete piping.

● Material composition and basic properties:
Main composition: MDI, polyether polyols, plasticizer, calcium carbonate, chain extender, carbon black.

Basic properties:
1.Store material in a room temperature (23℃) and contact with air, pot
   life is 30 ~ 40 minutes.
2.Store in a room temperature (23℃):
   Tack free is 3 hrs.
   Curing time is 24 hrs.

● The same product lines: MP-204 Green
MP-204 Green main composition: MDI, polyether polyols, plasticizer, calcium carbonate, chain extender, green pigment.

● Packaging & storage:
Packaging: 30 kg two drum/ per set.
Component A 20 kg.
Component B 10 kg.
Storage: Shelf time is 12 months. Store in a cool, dry place. Prevent exposure to sunlight.

1.The surface should be dry, sound. All cracks should be patched.
2.The surface should be primed with PU primer.
3.Strictly follow mix ratio recommendations. The mixing ratio is 2:1.
4.MDI-based polyurethane waterproofing material/ MP-204 Black is 30 kg per set. 2 mm thickness per 12
   m2. 3 mm thickness per 8 m2. To achieve the best results of waterproofing, this material should be
   applied minimize 2 mm.
5.Thoroughly mix Component A and Component B with suitable mixing paddle to a low speed (300 ~ 600
   rpm) mechanical mixer, mix for approximately 3 ~ 5 minutes. When mixing the product, avoid air
6.Apply with trowel. The pot life of the mixed material is 30 ~ 40 minutes at 23℃. Care should be taken
   that proper and uniform film thickness is obtained. When mixing has been completed, apply
7.Keep containers tightly sealed when not in use.

1.Do not apply to damp substrate.
2.The surface should be clean and free from oil and grease.
3.Do not apply when temperature is below 5℃, rain is imminent or when RH is above 90%.
 One component PU waterproofing material
One component polyurethane waterproofing material is a moisture-cure waterproofing material.

       It cures to form a tough, highly elastomeric and imper vious membrane. This product is suitable to apply by rollers, trowels or airless sprays.

01. Waterproofing for external wall and basement.
02. Waterproofing for roof and balcony.
03. Waterproofing for bathroom or other humidity area.
04. Waterproofing for potted plant area.
01. Coal tar free.
02. One component product, easy to application.
03. Can be applied by brush, roller or trowel.
04. Excellent resistance to aging and cracking.
05. Excellent adhesion.
06. Suitable for any types of waterproofing application.
Testing Item Results
Tensile strength(Kgf/c㎡) 20↑
Tear strength(Kgf/cm) 12↑
Elongation(%) 400↑
Hardness Shore A 30↑
Curing time In 24 hrs
Density 1.2-1.5
Viscosity(cP/25℃) 3,000 ~ 15,000
Note: Results are based on the temperature of 25℃; relative humidity is below 50% and allowed to cure
         for 7 days.

(1)New concrete substrates should be cured for at least 28 days;
    new cement should be cured for 14 days.
(2)Substrates must be clean and dry, patched all cracks or joints
     with One Component Sealant Material (CP-1007 or CP-1008).
     Allowed to dry for 1 hour before next application.
(3)Applied this material by trowel. Two coats are recommended for an
     effective waterproofing result.
(4)One component waterproofing material may be used to patch
     partly in defect place. It provides easy application and decrease
     of construction time & labor.
(5)TC-991 top coat can be applied over the membrane to achieved
     the weather and UV resistance, durability and waterproofing.
6.If the surface of waterproofing membrane required to cover with
     cement mortar or tiles, apply a coat of inferface coating to
     the membrane and scatter quartz sand (CC-50 or CC-20). Allow the
     coating to completely dry and cure before the next application.      (Water-based product cannot apply over this product.)

3.0 m/m PU Waterproofing Construction Profile

(1).Do not apply to wet, contaminated or friable substrates.
(2).The curing time will be retarded when temperature is below 15℃.
(3).Thickness cannot be exceeded 2mm per coat in case to prevent the blister on the surface.
(4).One or two coats for the primer are recommended to ensure the substrate is completely sealed.
(5).The storage temperature at 25℃. Shelf life is one year.