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‧Polyurethane ‧PU waterproofing material
   Hp-902 Polyurethane heat insulating top
   TC-991 Polyurethane top coating,MP-309
   MP-204,TC-991, MP-666,MP-999
   WP-195 One Component Polyurethane
   Waterproofing Membrane, WP-103,WP-104
   External surface waterproofing material

‧PU sealant material

‧PU flooring material

‧PU coating material
   Water proofing top coating UCOOL-300
   ACC series Polyurethane Transparent
   Protective Coating (ACC-06)
   Weather resistance top coating(URE-007)
   Heat proofing top coating(UCOOL-107)
   Acrylic emulsion elastomeric waterproofing
   coating (C-168)
   Water based polyurethane hard coating
   TC-991 Polyurethane top coating

‧Rigid PU spray foam

‧PU court coating material
   (MDI system) MF-204, ,MF-306,MF-309
   (TDI system)SF-303,SF-115,SF-306

‧PU track system
   Full-pour system,Structural spray system
   Sandwich system,MDI system
‧Epoxy ‧EPOXY resin flooring material

‧Water-based EPOXY coating material

‧Water-based heat resistance EPOXY
   coating material


‧EPOXY adhesive and repair mortar material
   Epoxy Tar coating( EPOTAR-061,EPOTAR-
‧Water-based coating ‧Two component flexible waterproofing

   Hossenseal impervious Waterproofing

‧One component flexible waterproofing

   C-166 One component flexible waterproofing

‧Water-based heat resistance EPOXY
   coating material


‧Acrylic emulsion elastometric
   waterproofing coating

   Acrylic emulsion elastomeric waterproofing
   coating C-168

‧Water-base epoxy coating
   EW-604 Water-base epoxy top coating
   WPR-401 Water-base epoxy primer coating
‧Sport surfaces ‧PU court coating material
   (MDI system)MF-204,MF-309,MF-804,MF-306
   (DTI system)SF-303,SF-115,SF-306,SF-804

‧PU track system
   Full-pour system,Structural spray system
   Sandwich system,MDI system

‧Acrylic court coating material
   AC-1,AC-2,AC-3,AC-4, AC primer300

‧Synthetic running track
‧Green material ‧MDI-based PU waterproofing material

‧MDI-based PU Sealant material

‧Acrylic emulsion elastometric waterproofing


‧Polyurea spray coating

‧Water Based Polyurethane Hard Coating

‧Polyurethane-Polyurea hybrid membrane
‧Nano ‧Nano anti-bacterial flooring material

‧ChingTai nano silver material

‧Nano silver soap
‧Polyurea ‧high performance polyurea
   spray coating


‧Polyurea spray coating

‧Polyurethane-Polyurea hybrid membrane
   (Hand-applied polyurea waterproofing and
   repair material)
‧Reference ‧Application of PU waterproofing material

‧Application of PU track system

‧Application of PU court coating material

‧Application of Acrylic court coating

‧Application of Epoxy resin flooring

‧Application of root penetration resistance
   waterproofing material

‧Application of one component flexible
   waterproofing membrane

‧Application of Polyurea waterproofing /
   protection material
‧Cataloge download ‧Polyurethane material

‧EPOXY material

‧Sport surfaces

‧Polyurea material

‧Green material

‧Compound waterproofing sealant material

‧Nano material